CMExpress® Infusion
Manager Pump

Use One Small Pump to
Manage Clinic and Home Infusions

Streamline your oncology infusion practice using the same pump in your facility that your patients use at home. Mount the CMExpress oncology infusion pump on an IV pole or put it in a carrying pouch for home therapy.

The CMExpress ambulatory oncology infusion pump from CME America is easy to use in infusion centers and for homecare.

Key Features

  • Just 3 Steps to Deliver Infusion, 3 Controls to Operate Pump. No wonder this pump is so simple to administer and so easy for patients to use on their own.
  • Pole-Mount or Portable. Allows for both large-volume and home infusions.
  • Automatic Backup Battery. When installed in the pole-mount charger, the pump switches from AC power to battery backup whenever power is interrupted.

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Main Features

  • Wide Range of Flow Rates. 0.1 to 1200 mL/hr. Permits a wide range of therapies.
  • Two Battery Options. Choose a rechargeable battery or two 9V disposable ones.
  • Uses Standard Reservoirs. CMExpress® tubing sets connect with any standard medication reservoir.
  • Only One Pump to Learn. Simplifies management of in-clinic care and homecare.
  • Automatic Infusion Displays. The pole-mount charger’s display cycles to show Infusion Rate, Volume Infused, and Volume to Be Infused. No need to scroll through menus to check the status of infusion.

Safety Features

  • Triple Free-Flow Protection. CMExpress® tubing sets include a clamp and backcheck/anti-free-flow valve. A spring-loaded plate pinches the tubing when the pump door is closed.
  • Double Air-in-Line Protection. The pump’s ultrasonic air sensor triggers an alarm if an air bubble exceeds 5 mL or if the total volume of air over 15 minutes exceeds your specified volume (adjustable 0.1 to 2 mL).
  • Maximum Flow Rate Limit. Set this limit to protect against possible large programming errors. The limit applies to all infusion modes.
  • Upstream and Downstream Occlusion Protection. System occlusion above or below the pump will trigger an Air/Up Occlusion or Down Occlusion alarm.
  • Adjustable Occlusion Pressure. Configure the pump’s downstream occlusion pressure to fit your therapy.
  • Unattended Pump Alert. The pump will alert you if it has been powered on but is not infusing, and two minutes have passed without a control key being pressed.
  • Backup Power Source. When installed in the pole-mount charger, the pump switches from AC (mains) power to battery backup whenever power is interrupted.
  • Mandatory Repeat Program Verification. Whenever the infusion program ends, you must either confirm the infusion settings or change them before repeating the infusion.
  • Event Log. The pump automatically records operating events into a database that gives you an infusion history. It also helps you diagnose and prevent pump problems.
  • Non-DEHP Administration Sets. For patient protection, CMExpress® tubing sets do not contain Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP). They are not made with natural rubber latex.
  • Dimensions
  • 4.5 x 3.5 x 1.6 in. (11.4 x 8.9 x 4.0 cm) (H/W/D)
  • Weight
  • 13.8 oz. (390 g) (with standard battery)
  • Infusion Modes
  • Continuous
  • 25-Step (Multi-Step)
  • Total Infusion Volume
  • Continuous: 0.1 to 9999 mL
  • 25-Step: 0.1 to 9999 mL, each step (accumulated volume, all steps: 10 L)
  • Flow Rate Range 0.1 to 1200 mL/hr
  • in 0.1 mL increments up to 100 mL/hr
  • in 1 mL increments from 100 to 1200 mL/hr
  • Delivery Accuracy
  • ± 5%
  • KVO Rate
  • 0 (off) to 5 mL/hr (in 0.1 mL increments)
  • Air Sensor
  • Ultrasonic, adjustable 0.1 to 2 mL air bubble size (total air volume)
  • Maximum Pressure Adjustable
  • 21 psi (high)
  • 14 psi (normal)
  • 7 psi (low)
  • Power Supply
  • 100 – 240V AC, 50/60 Hz (10W / 0.3A max)
  • Battery
  • Life: approx.15 hours at 125 mL/hr
  • Charges automatically during AC operation
  • Options:
  • One (1) standard lithium-ion rechargeable, 7.4V 1800 mAh
  • One (1) extended-life lithium-ion rechargeable, 7.4V 3600 mAh
  • Two (2) 9V alkaline disposable
  • Alert Conditions
  • End Program
  • Low Battery
  • End Battery
  • Pump Unattended
  • Missing Key (administration set)
  • Alarm Conditions
  • Air/Up Occlusion
  • Down Occlusion
  • Door Open
  • Error (System Malfunction)
  • BodyComm® History Download Option
  • Download and print a detailed infusion history for the pump.
  • CMExpress® Administration Sets
  • Connect with any standard reservoir
  • Include check valve
  • Non-DEHP PVC
  • Not made with natural rubber latex

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